Wunderbare Jahre


‘Wunderbare Jahre’, the first solo piece of Dagmar Dachauer, deals with both Johann Strauss’s music and the epoch of the Viennese Congress (1814/15) in a contemporary context.
By interviewing the music, Dachauer’s aim has been to bridge the historical elements and their reminiscences with the political nature and the legitimacy of her own body.

Given that Strauss’s highly commercialised music is part of Austria’s identity, ‘Wunderbare Jahre’ delves into the inherent grotesque and ambiguous notion of nostalgia and national pride and its connection to the romantic, the pompous, the patriarchal, the bourgeois, the heroic, and the lofty.
Opposed to its status in the collective memory as the social dance of ecstatic bliss, this interpretation reveals the lonely and brittle aspects of a Nation’s anthem.

A return of Biedermeier, as it were; echoing Vienna’s golden years and an era which never really existed.




GIBANICA Audience Prize at the biennale national dance platform of Slovenia 2017

For its excerpt ‘Wie soll ich das erklären’:
1st Prize at Festival for Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade 2016

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Turin Award at the Edition in Frankfurt 2018

Choreography and Dance: Dagmar Dachauer
Dramaturgical Advice: Ingrid Türk-Chlapek, Andreja Kopač
Sound Design: Kilian Immervoll
Music: Frühlingsstimmen by Johann Strauss
Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Producer: Dagmar Dachauer, Katja Somrak
Co-production: umfug and Plesni Teater Ljubljana

With the support of:  kulturRaum Klagenfurt, Tanzetage Klagenfurt, Summer Studios Brussels, Mediteranski plesni centar Svetvinčenat / Mediterranean Dance Centre (San Vincenti, Croatia), Avstrijski kulturni forum
Thanks to: Zoltan Imely, TanzEtage Klagenfurt



„Dagmar Dachauer (…) explores space in its entirety and combines her movements with the precision of a goldsmith.“

„The scenes to the music of Johann Strauß are minimalistic and, next to perfect body control, very sensuous. (…) Bar by bar, she deconstructs the waltz idyll tremendously virtuousic.“
KP, Kärnten Kultur

“Dagmar Dachauer (…) contributes to the dance scene with her sharp critical view. In her debut (…), she addresses the Austrian national symbol (…) in a sympathetic, yet critical way.
The dancer draws and writes deliberate forms of movement, peeling off her meditative states and creating a gallery of personal portraits, vivid sculptural structures, which she is able to imaginatively place into the space, to freeze instantly, and to inspire with depth and content.“

Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa/Dance Parade, 19.10.2015




AUSTRIA | DonauFestwochen, Stadttheater Grein, 6. August 2019

SLOVENIA | Plesni Teater Ljubjana, July 2018
SERBIA | BELEF Festival Belgrade, July 2018


SLOVENIA | Biennale Slovenian Dance Platform GIBANICA | 12. March 2017
ISRAEL | Fringe Theater Be’er Sheva | 25. March 2017
ISRAEL | Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv | 27. March 2017
SLOVENIA | Plesni Teater Ljubljana | 18. December 2017

SLOVENIA | Anton Podbevšek Teater Novo Mesto | 19. December 2017

AUSTRIA | LA NOTTE, Straden | 18. June 2016
SLOVENIA | Plesni Teater Ljubljana | 24. & 25. September 2016
AUSTRIA | Festival Pelzverkeht Klagenfurt, TheaterHALLE11 | 29. September 2016

SLOVENIA, PREMIERE | Plesni Teater Ljubljana | 12./13. September 2015 
AUSTRIA | Tanzhafen Festival, LENTOS Linz | 15. October 2015



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Photos: Benjamin Lachower
© Andi Bancic
Photo: Janko Oven
Richard Kirchner
Photo: Richard Kirchner