Tonight I don’t take no calls ’cause I’ll be dancing

The four women found an appropriate title for their piece with Lady Gaga’s song “Tonight I don‘t take no calls ‘cause I‘ll be dancing“. With immense physical effort and a perpetual twinkle in their eyes, the dancers zap through familiar facets and portrayals of femininity in the media and pop industry and therewith encounter clichés.
Nevertheless, their aim is to find their true selfs somewhere in between. The fusion of a high pace and individual body language concentrate on stage, creating power and energy that culminates in a spectacle that cannot be taken all too seriously. Demonstratively automatized, but not unselfish, they serve expectations as sexual projection surface. Their yearning for love remains unheard.
An intimate and modest portrait of four women, who are torn between unsuccessful attempts of self representation, finding authenticity and being aware of their own strengths and dependencies.
Created with and performed by
Dagmar Dachauer, Katja Scholz, Melanie Wirz, Filine Volkmann
Premiere 9th, 10th and 11th  March 2012 at Festival FACES
at Sprechwerk Hamburg/G
Photos © Konstantin Eulenburg

Faces_NoCalls_117 Tonight I don't take no calls 'cause I'll be dancing, premiere at FACES, Hamburg 2012