Krazko. A blueprint of repression and revolution.
An interdisciplinary theatre production, inspired by local-historical events and Janko Messner’s oevre. The five artists crate a fictious world in the area of conflict between tradition, authority, power and the desire for freedom.


Created by Collective Regiespringer
Performed by Dagmar Dachauer, David Mair
Sound Design, Composition, Voice: Philipp Mayer
Kinetic Art, Visuals: Sebastian Pirch
Technical Support, Visuals: Michael Seidl
Commissioned and Produced by CCB Choreographic Center Bleiburg
Premiere 12th July 2013, Kulturnidom at B:ORDERS Lange Nacht des Tanzes Bleiburg/A

(c) Clara Hartnack
Photo by Clara Hartnack

(c) Zdravko Haderlap
(c) Zdravko Haderlap

Photos by Zdravko Haderlap