Wie soll ich das erklären


In her Solo, Dagmar playfully investigates the Viennese Waltz and with it, her own origins.
‘Wie soll ich das erklären’ is a personal and humorous reflection upon the grotesque and ambiguous notion of nostalgia and national pride, the reminiscences of the golden years of Vienna and an era which never really existed.

‘Wie soll ich das erklären’ is an excerpt of Dachauer’s Solo “Wunderbare Jahre” – a co-production of UMFUG (Austria) and Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Solo-Performance, 8 minutes
Choreography and Performance: Dagmar Dachauer
Co-Production: umfug and Plesni Teater Ljubljana
Music: Frühlingsstimmen op. 410 – Johann Strauß

Supported by
Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur, kulturRaum Klagenfurt, Tanzetage Klagenfurt, Summer Studios Brussels, Mediteranski plesni centar Svetvinčenat / Mediterranean Dance Centre, RedSapata/Tanzfabrik, Ōsterreichische Kulturforen Laibach, Brüssel, Laibach, Berlin, Madrid, London, Israel, New York
Thanks to: Zoltan Imely, TanzEtage Klagenfurt



1st prize at Festival for Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade 2016

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Award, Frankfurt Edition 2018

GIBANICA Audience Award 2017 for the long version ‘Wunderbare Jahre’

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Audience Award, Torino Edition 2019



„Dagmar Dachauer (…) explores space in its entirety and combines her movements with the precision of a goldsmith.“

“With ‘Wie soll ich das erklären’, Dagmar Dachauer concludes the almost two hour long evening (…) congenially: diverse and jaunty, not only in colour. Not a bad title for a dance piece, especially since the expectations evoked by Johann Strauß’ Waltz ‘Voices of Spring’, although wearing a traditional bodice and braid, are not being met. Instead of self-indulgent movements, minimalistic and fine qualities, as well as fitful rotations vest something doll-like and consistently surprising in the performer. It whets the appetite for more.”
Katja Sturm, Frankfurter Neue Presse

„Dachauer’s punchy performance to the familiar and comforting Viennese Waltz is athletic, energetic & when she smiles broadly at us, as welcoming as our hosts. (…) The relishing of the power of her body controlled through dance is palpable.“
Helen Joy for 3rd Act Critics



ITALY | SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Torino, Lavanderia a Vapore 2019


U.S.A. | St. Mark’s Church New York, Women in Dance Leadership Conference, 19th January 2018
GERMANY | Gallus Theater Frankfurt, SOLOCOREOGRAFICO, 27th January 2018
AUSTRIA | interpreted by Cristina Valdivielso Garcia at SEAD, 1st May 2018
SOUTH-KOREA | Seoul International Dance Competition, Arco Art Center, 2018
SLOVENIA | Plesni Teater Ljubljana, June 2017
see Tour of ‘Wunderbare Jahre’
GERMANY | Sophiensaele Berlin, LUCKY TRIMMER, March 2016
SERBIA | National Theater, Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, June 2016
SPAIN | Festival 10SENTIGOS Valencia, June 2016
WALES | National Dance House Cardiff, LUCKY TRIMMER DOES WALES, July 2016
CYPRUS | Dance Waves Festival Nicosia, November 2016


Photos: Suncan Stone | PTL



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