A dance for a woman, a man and a tree.
‘Treeo’ was created at the international residency program Wonderous Stories 2013 in Ommen, The Netherlands.
It is a kick-start product of an idea that seeks further exploration and research.
The initial vision of the director is to bring people into non-urban surroundings and experience three-dimensional theatrical framings in a natural environment, taking into account the organic and unpredictable.



Dioraphte Encouragement Award, one of two jury prizes at the international Dance Film Festival CINEDANS 2014 in the Debut section



Cinedans NL, 2014
Barn Art Symposium, Mols – Denmark, 2013
Avayava Dance Festival Pune, India 2014
SineDans Festival Ankara, Turkey 2014



Choreographer, Director, Producer: Dagmar Dachauer
Cinematographer, Editor, Director: Kristijonas Dirse
Dance: Eveliina Raaska, Simon Deschamps
Sound Design: Egle Maturzonyte

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