Instructing my father behind the camera in +/-1992

The class is based upon embodied imagination, Floor Work, Release Technique, Yoga and Improvisation.
We look for ways of how to stimulate our imagination in order to direct our body and let the body inspire our imagination. It is a physical and musical process on the lookout for pleasure and availability.
Depending on the needs and wishes of the group, the class can either focus on the technical body, coordination and stamina, somatic practices or on creative exploration, improvisation and composition.

The level and theme can be adjusted to the needs of each group.
Contemporary Dance for children
The aim of the class is to trigger creativity, coordination, imagination and curiosity about physicality, musicality and the endless possibilities of dance.
We start with a warm-up to waken up the body, followed by different exercises to train our coordination and flexibility as well as our movement and dynamical range.
Improvisation and different tasks and exercises, cultivating our ability to imagine and embody, are always with us, along with short phrases and pieces of choreography to stimulate the technical understanding, the learning and remembering of movement, as well as the coordination of the own body in relation to the space and the others through a playful approach.