Due to his constant sexual failure, the protagonist decides to take a step which involuntarily leads into surrealism. He then undergoes a phase of change in which his hopes are being renewed. A person, who tries to wipe out his former self, is created.
Stepping vaguely into this new overwhelming world, he can only cope with it by hating himself. The initial success gradually gives way to his new reality. Flashbacks paralyse his cognition. Still, he is driven by the will to live. Again he sees salvation in a changed future, which he wants to achieve through the help of chemistry.

Born between Berlin, Vienna and Andorf, this spectacle is raving with sensuality, multimedia, surrealism, interdisciplinarity, music, choreography, theatre and again disappears in a dense soundscape behind a tree.

Performance: Dagmar Dachauer, Philipp Mayer, David Mair
Visuals, Scenography and Film: Sebastian Pirch, Viktor Delev
Composition, Sound Design: Philipp Mayer
Dramaturgical Advise: Ralph Mothwurf, Margita Zalite
Artist in residence at im_flieger
upported by bm:ukk and spiel-Festival
Premiere 21th July 2012 at Spiel-Festival Andorf/A
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