Competing for Sunlight: Oak


Competing for Sunlight: The Tree Cycle

Competing for Sunlight is a Short Dance Film Series, featuring protagonists of a range of different tree species and Dance, telling individual short stories.
After her Dance on Screen Debut ‘Treeo’, – A Dance for a Woman, a Man and a Tree, which
was awarded the DIORAPHTE Encouragement Prize at the international CINEDANS Festival 2014, Dagmar Dachauer/UMFUG, together with a diverse group of collaborators, further conceptualises and realises meetings of cinema, dance and trees in this Series.

Episode 1
Competing for Sunlight: Oak

‘Oak’ is a contemporary take on the ancient human understanding of the Oak tree as a gateway into other realities.
(Denmark, 2017)



Recipient of Best International Film Award at Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival Santiago/Chile, 2017


“Sensitive for detail, not only regarding the interplay of choreography and cinematography as well as also sound, but in this way also for its topic, the relation between human and nature.”
Sarah Moller, Artistic Director of Pool TanzFilmFestival Berlin, Bestias Danzantes Jury Member



Director: Dagmar Dachauer
Choreography and Dance: Dagmar Dachauer, Knut Vikström Precht
Cinematography: Kilian Immervoll
Assistant Director: David Mair
Assistant Camera: Benjamin Lachower
Editing: Rudi Maerten
Sound: Daniel Perez Hajdu
Color Grading: Kilian Immervoll
Dramaturge: Christine Fentz
Production Manager: Benjamin Lachower
Producer: Dagmar Dachauer
Co-Producer: Bert De Somviele, Christine Fentz
Co-Production: Secret Hotel, Dommelhof C-TAKT, BOS+
Produced by: UMFUG
Supported by: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Land Oberösterreich



ITALY | Cefalù Film Festival | 1 May 2018
FINLAND | LOIKKA Film Festival 2018
THE NETHERLANDS | CINEDANS Festival 2018, EYE Cinema Amsterdam | 16&17 March 2018
CHILE | Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival 2017
CYPRUS | Dance Film Festival, Egomio Cultural Center 2017
AUSTRIA | Der Neue Heimatfilm Film Festival, Freistadt 2017
AUSTRIA | Moviemento Kino, Tanzhafen Festival 2017 | 14 May 2017


For her dance films about trees, Dagmar closely cooperates with the Belgian nature organization BOS+. This NGO is dedicated to sustainable forestry, conservation and afforestation in Flanders and worldwide. Greater efforts are needed for forest conservation and sustainable forest management, because forests and trees provide essential services to society.
Bringing forests to the limelight, BOS+ intensively cooperates with other organizations both within and outside the nature sector to further awareness about the role of forests. The interdisciplinary teaming up in this project, between art creators and nature conservationists, is a perfect illustration of this approach.